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You need experience, knowledge, a drive for justice from an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who knows how to win your case.

We represent people like you everyday in Atlanta personal injury claims, motor vehicle accident claims, wrongful death claims.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

James A. Rice, Jr., P.C. is an energetic and aggressive Atlanta personal injury law firm focusing solely on the success of your case. We understand that you hire a lawyer to win on your terms – not the insurance company’s. We understand that your injuries have affected you and your family physically and emotionally. We have the experience, skills and track record of success in cases like yours. Equally important, we have the fight and spirit needed to win your case. We know the opposition. We used to work for them. We know their tactics and how to defeat them. If you’ve been injured through any of the following, you need an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney on your side.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Any one of these can be a life-changing, catastrophic event. You need an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney on your side. As an Atlanta personal injury attorney firm, we assist accident victims after they’ve suffered serious injuries or a wrongful death.

An experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer protecting the rights of the injured

Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident with a car or truck that resulted in a personal injury? If “yes,” you are probably aware of all the ways this can affect your life, personal and professional. However, you may have no idea how to seek recourse, and put your life back together.

With the guidance of an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney, you don’t have to be overwhelmed or frightened. By working with an Atlanta car accident lawyer experienced in personal injury claims, you can be sure you will be given the attention you deserve fighting for compensation.

 An Atlanta personal injury attorney who has the necessary resources to investigate your case and the experience to litigate your case can make the difference between the right compensation and a settlement that doesn’t rightfully represent your hardship.

Our preparation in a personal injury case may include review of all physical evidence, witness testimony, police reports and medical records and could go as far as finding expert witnesses through professionals in forensics, accident reconstruction, medicine and private investigation.