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Negligent Security at Bars & Nightclubs

Negligent Security Legal Claims Against Owners and Managers

Bars and nightclubs in Atlanta are popular destinations for entertainment, happy hours, and other social engagements. Unfortunately, when the owners of bars and nightclubs do not always keep their establishments reasonably safe, which can result in assaults leading to injuries. A fight between patrons can result in innocent victims being attacked and hospitalized for their injuries. When nightclubs and bars do not have adequate security, patrons can be assaulted when walking out of the club to the parking lot.

Nightclub and Bar Owners Have a Legal Duty to Keep Their Customers Reasonably Safe

Bar and nightclub owners have a legal duty to protect their customers. Often when a beating, assault, stabbing, or shooting occurs on a bar or nightclub premises, the owners can be held liable for not providing adequate security.

This type of lawsuit is called a negligent security lawsuit, which falls under the category of premises liability. You do not have to be the victim of a bar fight to seek compensation for injuries caused by negligent security. Victims of assault, battery, robbery, and rape may have a valid personal injury lawsuit. Examples of negligent security at bars and nightclubs may include:

  • Staff ignores the signs that a group is getting dangerous and out of hand
  • A nightclub does not have security personnel or enough personnel to respond to a shooting, assault, or burglary adequately
  • A nightclub in a high-crime area fails to have metal detectors at the door to screen for guns, knives, and other weapons that a person entering the building may have
  • A lack of security personnel and video surveillance
  • The facility does not have adequate lighting leading to the parking lot or garage
  • A bouncer’s assault caused an injury

Injuries Caused by Bar Fights Due to Negligent Security

Victims in nightclubs and bars may become injured when a fight not involving them occurs in a nightclub or bar. Security personnel and bouncers do not always have enough training to handle fights and disputes between club-goers adequately. When owners use unlicensed, poorly trained security guards, those security guards may injure a patron who was not doing anything wrong in an assault.

In these cases, patrons can seek compensation from the bar owner through a premises liability lawsuit. When a victim claims that negligent security was the cause of the injuries he or she suffered at a bar or nightclub, he or she needs to prove the following elements:

  • The bar or nightclub owner knew that a fight would break out
  • The bar or nightclub owner was aware or should have known that a possible fight would occur
  • The bar or nightclub owner knew the environment was favorable for a fight to occur
  • The victim became injured due to inadequate security practices

Call the Lawyers You Need for Your Bar or Nightclub Security Negligence Case

If you have been injured due to negligent security at a bar, nightclub, or other social establishment, our legal team can help. Call the legal team at Rice McGowan & Brandt today for a free strategy session and consultation.

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