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Bouncer Assault Lawyers in Georgia

Atlanta residents can become injured or even killed by overaggressive bouncers at bars, nightclubs, and other business establishments. An Atlanta nightclub or bar owner can be held liable for the overzealous conduct of its security personnel or bouncers. Under Georgia law, businesses are responsible for the actions and conduct of their employees during the course and scope of their employment. Overzealous security personnel can be as dangerous to customers as a lack of adequate security in bars and restaurants.

What Should I Do if a Bouncer Injured Me?

Bouncers do not have any special authority to use unnecessary force on a patron. Instead, bouncers are simply employees of the bar or nightclub and need to behave professionally, even when they need to eject a person from a nightclub. If a bouncer has injured you in an Atlanta bar or nightclub, it is important that you discuss your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Atlanta-based attorney James Rice has been successful in obtaining compensation for clients who have been injured by security personnel or bouncers.

Negligent Hiring of Bar Staff

When hiring security personnel, including bouncers, bars and restaurant owners need to, at the very least, run a cursory background check on the applicants. The background check should be able to ascertain whether the employee has a history of violence or not. If they do have a history of assault, violence, theft, or other crimes, it could indicate that the bouncer would use excessive force when reacting to any given situation.

Injuries Caused When a Bouncer Aggressively Removes a Patron

When large crowds of people gather and large quantities of alcohol are consumed, bouncers are obligated to take extreme care. Bouncers cannot resort to unnecessary violence when dealing with patrons who become rowdy after having too much to drink. In some cases, innocent bystanders cannot get out of the way of an aggressive bouncer removing a patron.

A bouncer may use reasonable force to eject an unruly patron from the business but might put the patron in harm’s way outside. For example, the bouncer may shove an inebriated patron into a dangerous street. If the patron then suffers an assault by a third party or gets run over by a car, the venue may be liable for the victim’s injuries.

Negligent Supervision of Night Club Staff

Business owners need to ensure bouncers are adequately trained in handling patrons’ removal in a reasonably safe manner. Bar and restaurant owners also need to supervise bouncers adequately while on the job. When an owner or manager witnesses a bouncer being too violent or aggressive with a patron and fails to intervene or call the police, the owner may be liable for negligent supervision if the bouncer causes injuries.

Negligent Retention of Bar Employees

Suppose a bar or restaurant manager fails to terminate a bouncer known to be violent or aggressive, and that bouncer injures a patron. In that case, the victim can hold the owner liable for negligent retention. Working with an attorney who can gather evidence of a bouncer’s previous violent actions is important for your claim.

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