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Negligent Security | Apartment Complexes

Negligent Security in Apartment Complexes and Sexual Assault

As negligent security attorneys, our team has extensive experience handling apartment complex lawsuits. Sexual assaults that occur in apartment complexes are particularly traumatic and emotional cases. Attorney James Rice handles sexual assault lawsuits involving negligent security with compassion and care. He has recovered significant compensation for victims of sexual assault that occurred due to negligent security.

Dangerous Security Conditions That Can Contribute to a Sexual Assault

Owners of apartment complexes have a duty to provide a safe, secure place for their residents, guests, and visitors. Unfortunately, property owners sometimes fail in this duty and make it easier for criminal assaults, including sexual assaults, to occur. Premises liability claims involving sexual assault can occur nearly anywhere in an apartment complex. Many different conditions can contribute to violent sexual assault within an apartment complex, including:

  • Overgrown landscape
  • Inadequate security lighting
  • Faulty or poor quality locks on doors and windows
  • A lack of monitoring, or inadequate monitoring of secluded areas of the property
  • A lack of fencing and security cameras

Residents of apartment complexes have a right to feel safe in their homes. When a property owner knows or should have known about a dangerous condition on their property and does not take action, victims of sexual assault may be able to hold them liable. For example, if a property owner knew of the possibility of a sexual assault occurring and failed to put appropriate security measures to prevent the assault, they can be liable for the victim’s injuries.

Call Our Experienced Attorneys Today for Your Sexual Assault Case

If you or a loved one have experienced sexual assault due to negligent apartment security, our law firm can help. Call our Atlanta legal team today.

Mr. Rice, treated me and my case as if he was dealing with a “colleague” from the moment we met until the end of my case. I’m not a lawyer, nor in anyway, connected professionally to the law field. By “Colleague” I mean “Man, Husband, and Father” with all the responsibilities which correspond to the profession. He told me exactly what to expect with my case. His strategy and timeline to meet those expectations and what he would require of me to bring it all together in my best interest. Straight shooter, who got me back to the profession I love most in this world! Great lawyer who I’m proud to recommend to anyone needing his services.

R. C., Naval Submarine Veteran

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