About Our Personal Injury Law Firm

James A. Rice, Jr., P.C. focuses strictly on personal injury litigation with over thirty (30) years of attorney litigation experience. Our firm is small enough to provide you with individual attention, yet large enough to handle all aspects of your case to ensure a successful result.

One of the many unique features of our firm is that all of the attorneys have a background in defense work. It is truly uncommon to have an ability for your lawyer to understand not only what makes a jury recognize the value of your case, but also the insurance company. It is not at all unusual for us to be working against insurance companies who clearly recognize our skills given that many years ago they hired us for those very same reasons.

Unlike the great majority of Atlanta personal injury law firms, we prepare every case as if it is going to trial. In addition to our background, we are active trial lawyers regularly in the courtroom ensuring that our clients hear from the jury, not just the insurance company, when determining the value of their cases. As a result, our verdicts, as well as settlements, are typically much higher than the average.

We recognize that you have many choices in personal injury attorneys in the Atlanta metropolitan area. We have separated ourselves from those attorneys not only by our results, but also the individual attention provided to each client. Our professional and experienced staff will address all of your needs and ensure that your case is prepared for resolution, whether it be by settlement or trial.