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Q: How much does it cost to meet with you regarding my case?

A: Nothing. We are happy to meet with you to discuss the facts of your case and whether or not we will be able to do anything to assist you. Equally important, we are happy to meet with you to discuss other aspects of your case that may have been overlooked such as your ability to be compensated through workers’ compensation, etc. The first meeting, there is no charge, this remains the same through settlement or payment of any judgment. Our law firm takes on cases, challenging to every degree, but will not accept a fee unless you recover as well.

Q: How long do I have to bring a lawsuit?

A: The time you are permitted to file a lawsuit depends on the type of cause of action you are bringing and also against whom you are bringing it. For example, in most car wrecks, in Georgia, you have two (2) years to file a lawsuit, but you may have to provide specific notice to certain entities under certain circumstances such as the state, etc. As such, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Q: What damages am I entitled to for my injuries?

A: Great question. Georgia law allows you to recover tangible damages such as medical bills, lost wages, etc. as well as intangible damages for items in which it is very difficult to place a monetary amount such as the pain you have gone through, etc. There are other damages that can be sought such as punitive damages, attorney’s fees, etc. that we can also discuss with you. In addition to pursuing those damages, it is wise to obtain counsel who can discuss issues with you including obtaining proper medical care, reimbursing those persons and entities who may be entitled to same as a result of your settlement, etc.

Q: What is negligent security?

A: Negligent security often involves a client who has been

  • sexually assaulted
  • shot/stabbed
  • murdered

The incident often occurs when apartments, malls, gas stations or other retailers fail to keep you safe by providing

  • security guards
  • security cameras
  • fencing
  • adequate lighting
  • warnings

Although not all crimes can be prevented at all times, a retailer, apartment owner, etc. certainly has an obligation to do everything reasonable to ensure that you are kept “safe” on their premises. Our team will investigate the level of crime at the premises prior to the incident involving you and compare that to a level of security to determine if it was adequate. We will then meet with you as well as likely meet with consultants and experts to determine how best to move forward with the case. We will pursue all avenues of recovery including extensive and intense investigation including meeting with police officers, prisoners, tenants, management, etc.

Q: Can I use my insurance for any medical bills?

A: Yes, if possible. Although some doctors are confused as to whether or not they can accept health insurance, more often than not there is absolutely no prohibition against using your health insurance subject to any deductible or co-pay. As it relates to that insurance, we will handle all aspects of the case as it relates to any questions your health insurer may have regarding the genesis of the treatment. In addition, we will work with you should you be unfortunate not to have insurance and are treating with a medical provider on a lien basis.

Q: Should I ever talk to the insurance company?

A: Our recommendation, subject to unique circumstances, is that there is absolutely no reason for you to speak with an insurance company other than to provide them with the name and number of your lawyer unless otherwise required to under your insurance policy.

Q: Can I bring a claim against the other driver even if I was hurt on the job?

A: Subject to some exceptions, absolutely. Georgia law allows you to bring a lawsuit against a non-employee driver and maintain a workers’ compensation claim at the same time. Unfortunately, an inexperienced lawyer will often fail to recognize other avenues that you are legally entitled to such as workers’ compensation.”

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