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Rural Hazards That Cause Car Accidents

Atlanta is a big city with a lot of hazards when it comes to driving. We went over some of the bigger ones in our last blog. But what about when you are out in a more rural area? There isn’t much traffic or high speeds. What could possibly cause accidents in the middle of nowhere? Well, let us tell you…


When you are on the open road, in the dark, it is hard to remember that you are not the only living being out there. There are all kinds of animals out there that don’t know when a car is coming. A deer crossing the road (or prancing across) or maybe even just a raccoon could cause more damage than you would expect. Most of us try to stop for an animal in the road but sometimes that requires us to swerve and that could mean ending up in a ditch.


Because rural roads aren’t as heavily populated as urban roads are, they tend to be the last to be repaired. So this means that the roads can have potholes, patches of gravel or even bumps in the pavement that can cause a car accident. Be careful to watch the road carefully especially if it is your first time on the road.


Similar to unmaintained roads, lack of road signs can cause confusion and accidents. If a stop sign is missing or in the wrong place, it can create chaos. If a street sign is missing and you are looking for the right street, you have to slow down to see causing the car behind you to potentially rear end you.

As always, the best thing you can do to avoid creating or being involved in an accident is to make sure that you are giving your full attention to the road. If the unthinkable happens, call the personal injury lawyers at Rice McGowan today.

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