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Steps To Take After A Car Accident

The moments following a car accident can be confusing and rushed. You have no idea what’s happening while it’s happening. Sometimes we are just eager to get to the side of the road so that we aren’t holding up other cars. Other times, we are in a more serious predicament and we can only think about how we are going to get out of the car. Either way there are things that, as long as you’re conscious, you need to before leaving the crash site.

Step 1 – Stay calm

It is important that you keep your cool after an accident because if you don’t then you may forget to get important information or do a critical task.

Step 2 – Check for injuries

If you are able to move, get out of the car and move around. Move your neck and joints checking for tightness or soreness. If you have doubts call an ambulance before leaving so that you can have documentation for later if you need it.

Step 3 – Move

If you are able to, move your cars to the side of the road but only if the accident is minor. If it is bigger than a simple fender bender, you shouldn’t move the vehicles in case the police need to investigate.

Step 4 – Safety

It is always a good idea to put your hazard lights on so that others know to use caution. If you have them, use cones, flares or any other safety devices.

Step 5 – Call the police

Even if the accident is minor, you should get the police involved. It is helpful if you end up having to hire a lawyer like Rice McGowan for assistance.

We want to help you get money to pay for medical bills or to pay for the damage to your car when the other party is not cooperating. Call the personal injury lawyers at Rice McGowan today.

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