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How To Prevent Slip And Fall Injuries Before They Happen

With winter around the corner, you can be sure that we will see more rain, ice and even snow. Winter also means that there is a greater chance of slip and fall accidents. If you are a business owner or work in a business that has a lot of foot traffic, there are things that you will want to do so that you can prevent slip and falls cases from occurring. Most of these simple steps are pretty obvious yet go unattended or unnoticed most of the time. A little extra care can save you and your company a lot of money.

Good Housekeeping

This step is as easy as taking a mop to the tile every couple of hours and putting up a wet floor sign. Keeping your place of business clean and organized is one of the easiest ways to prevent accidents occurring. Also, if you have rugs or carpet in your business, make sure that they are always laying flat so that someone who has their eyes on something else will not trip and fall.

Keep Things Dry

As stated above, with the weather changing there will be a lot of water tracked in. When customers walk into your store after being in the rain or snow, they are more concerned about drying off their hair and clothes than watching where they are walking. If the entrance is slippery and your guests are not warned they can end up on the floor faster than you can say “lawsuit”.

Get Rid Of Ice

Although it may not happen in Atlanta very often, snow and freezing rain do happen. Business owners are required to provide safe passage from their car to the front door. Laying down ice melt is super easy and not all that expensive. You can even hire a snow removal company to remove the snow and put down ice melt. Yes, it may track into your store, but is it worth a lawsuit? Take the time to provide a safe experience to your store.


A light bulb isn’t all that expensive. When a light goes out, make it a best practice at your store to replace the bulb right away. If a guest cannot see where he/she is going, it has the potential to be disastrous. Even if a light bulb costs you 10 dollars, it is cheaper than the court fees and penalties that you will end up paying.

If you find yourself being injured after a slip and fall at a business, call the personal injury lawyers at James A. Rice today.

Negligent Security And Personal Injury Lawyers

In a previous blog, we talked about what negligence means when it is related to car accidents. Today, we would like to discuss what it means when we say “negligent security”. We know that the dictionary says negligence means the failure to provide protection to another person which has ended in injuries. So negligent security means that the protection of others was not carried out and someone was injured on your premises.

If you think that you have a good case for negligent security, you must first consider if your injury was directly caused by irresponsible behavior from the owner or manager. You will have to prove to the courts that this person could have foreseen the incident and been able to take measures to prevent the incident. Property owners or managers have the ability to provide security by installing cameras, having working door locks, installing a fence or even hiring outside security.

Negligent security can occur anywhere, not just at a place of business. You can get hurt inside apartments, schools, malls, and even amusement parks. Third party attacks can happen in places where you feel safe. It is up to you and your lawyers to figure out if the attack could have been prevented in some way or another and if they are found to be at fault, the owner or manager will have to pay damages resulting from the attack.

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The Truth About Personal Injury Claims

There is nothing worse than being hurt. Whether it’s a stubbed toe or a broken back, the pain is real for the person experiencing it. What’s even worse is knowing that the injury could have been prevented if the other person involved would have been responsible in their care of you. The term “personal injury” refers to a person getting injured and another person is responsible for that injury. When someone else is responsible for your well being and you are in turn harmed from their carelessness, you have every right to make a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims have to prove two things: Liability and Damages.


Proving that the other party is responsible for your injury is the hardest thing that you will need to do. You have to prove that you were in the care of this other person and that this person neglected his/her responsibility. Then you have to prove that you were in fact injured and that these injuries were caused by his/her negligence.


After proving liability, you must then prove what damages you are entitled to. To do this you have to take several factors into account such as the specific claim you are making, and the circumstances that lead up to you getting hurt. You will also need to prove the impact of your injuries and how your life has been changed, i.e not working, walking, etc. You need to have proof of medical records and expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering as well as any emotional distress that this ordeal has caused you.

If you believe that you have a good personal injury claim and would like to pursue it, contact the lawyers at James A. Rice, Jr., P.C. and let us help you.

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