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What are My Injuries

Although we always defer to a qualified medical doctor, our experience of symptoms reveals consistent injuries resulting from car and truck wrecks.

Herniated Disc:  A herniated disc is what oftentimes results in the pain to your neck and back.  Symptoms of herniated disc vary from pain to numbness and tingling (radiculopathy) into your arms and legs.  A herniated disc can often be caused by a traumatic event such as a car/truck wreck.  A herniated disc can cause significant problems affecting your daily activities and work along with significant pain.  Treatment for a herniated disc varies from rest to surgery in order to assist your recovery.

Head/Brain Injuries:  Head/brain injuries result from direct trauma to your head as well as significant head movement which can affect your brain.  Classic symptoms of such an injury include immediate nausea along with dizziness, personality changes, insomnia and forgetfulness.  Our experience reveals such injuries can be temporary or permanent depending on their severity, but typically require both diagnostic studies as well as personal care from a medical specialist.

Knee Injury:  Knee symptoms may range from your knee giving out as you move in a particular direction, swelling and pain.  Treatment ranges from rest, physical therapy and surgery as necessary in order to have your knee in the same or similar condition as it was before the incident.

Shoulder Injury:  Symptoms of a shoulder injury, in addition to pain, are likely associated with a significant lack of a range of motion and your ability to lift your arm in certain directions without pain.  Shoulder injuries are best diagnosed with an MRI by a qualified medical doctor.  Treatment for shoulder injuries range from rest, medication and injections to surgery in order to repair your shoulder.

Scars:  Scars are a lifelong reminder of your traumatic event resulting from lacerations.  Treatments for scars include a plastic surgery consultation which may result in a revision or creams to improve the appearance.

Surgery:  You may have already had surgery for broken bones, herniated discs, tears to your knee or shoulder, etc., or you may require it in the future.  It is important to know exactly the cause of your physical condition and how it was affected or caused by the event at issue.

Whats’ My Next Step?

If you would like to discuss your case with us, please call us immediately.  We will be glad to talk with you immediately to assist us with your case.  We will do everything possible to handle everything with you so you can focus on improving your physical and mental condition while we handle all legal aspects of the case for you.  Throughout the process we will always listen to you, provide you with our best legal and practical advice and assist you in a practical resolution of the case whether it be through settlement or trial.

There is no obligation or charge to speak with us right now.  You can call us at any time and we can jointly decide whether we will be able to assist you.  We could also discuss the process in more detail if you think this is a good idea.

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