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What Would The World Would Be Like If Car Accidents Didn’t Exist?

Can you imagine it? Everyone following all traffic laws and going the speed limit. No one screaming at the driver in front of them. No one cutting off another car causing said car to veer off into the ravine. What would police officers do with their days? They would have a whole lot of time to solve other crimes, that’s for sure. OH! And the traffic. Freeways wouldn’t be so backed up because drivers are slowing down and looking at accidents. On the other side, emergency rooms may be used less because there wouldn’t be any car accident victims to tend to. There are just too many things in our daily lives that would change if there weren’t any car accidents.

At Rice McGowan, we want to provide you with some tips to help avoid accidents when you are out on the roads in your car.

Don’t Be On Your Phone. Period.

We know how hard it is to be away from your phone, even if it’s sitting on the seat beside you. Many states, including Georgia, have laws put in place where it is illegal to be on your phone, texting or surfing the web, while you are driving. In other states, it is illegal to be on your phone at all, even to make a phone call. This was done for your safety, not for politicians’ amusement. Statistics prove that more and more people are admitting to texting and driving and more accidents are occurring because of it (See our blog with the stats, here)

Obey The Rules Of The Road

It seems obvious, but it needs to be said. Remember that oncoming traffic has the right of way when you are trying to turn left, unless you have a green arrow. If you are not passing anyone, you need to be in the farthest lane to the right, not hanging out in the middle lane. Also, always pass on the left. Under no circumstances should you be passing on the right. You never know what could be in your path.

Be Mindful Of Other Drivers

You could be the best driver in the whole world, but if you encounter a bad driver on the road, you could be in serious trouble. It is good practice to know where everything is around you. Knowing where other cars are on the road makes it easier for you if you are looking to switch lanes or want to turn. Also, if you are not going the speed limit, be aware that other drivers want to get around you. If this is the case, there is always a place to pull off to the right for just a moment and let those drivers pass or you can simply just move to the right lane.

If for whatever reason you are still in an auto accident, we encourage you to call us at Rice McGowan immediately. We want to be sure that we get all of the evidence as soon as possible so it’s integrity is not lost. We want to help you get on the road to recovery as fast as possible whether it is just getting your car repaired or having to undergo surgery, you will need all of the help you can get.

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